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We Care for Your Property as if it Were Our Own

Owning a Rental Property Just Got Easier

  If you're one of the fortunate few who owns a rental property on beautiful South Padre Island, Texas, you know what a wonderful asset you have.  But no doubt, you also realize that along with the privilege of ownership comes much responsibility. 
To be successful, you need to maximize occupancy.  If you're not actively marketing your property, you'll end up with vacancies.  Too many open weeks, and you'll find yourself in a cash-negative position. 
Additionally, dealing with renters is challenging.  Even the best renters can be fickle, demanding. 
If you're not local to the area, upkeep of your property can be difficult.  There's routine maintenance and then the pesky problems that seem to crop up at the worst time from toilets that won't flush to air conditioners that need servicing.  Sometimes it seems like it's one crisis after another. 
When you bought your property, you probably dreamed it would generate some nice passive revenue for you.  But as it turns out, rental management is anything but passive.  In fact, it can easily become a full-time job.
That's where South Padre Condo Rentals comes in.  We offer a full complement of services that makes ownership of rental property on South Padre Island 100% hassle-free. 
  • Maximum Occupancy - Every week that your rental property sits vacant is money out of your pocket. We know how to market South Padre Island properties, screen applicants and attract qualified renters. We use proven marketing and sales strategies to keep your investment rental property occupied year round and generating income.

  •  Rate Analysis - We optimize your return on investment by getting you top market rent. We are continually assessing the value of properties based on market conditions, competitor rents, vacancy factors and general condition of the property.

We adjust the rental rates and run promotions as needed to ensure better occupancy, just like the large hotels do.  We keep your property booked, and we don't leave money on the table.
  •  Rental Inquiries - When someone contacts us to ask about rates and availability, we know they may be shopping around. That's why we respond fast and with personalized attention. We don't simply quote a price. Instead we'll try to understand the customer's needs and then suggest the best fit.

We'll walk them through our family of properties, providing a wealth of information.  Now the choice becomes which of our properties they would like to rent, not which of all the South Padre Island properties they should consider.  
  •  Protect the Value of Your Investment - Rental revenue is important but over the long-term appreciation can provide you with the biggest return on your real estate investment.

We make sure your home is properly cared for.  We find good renters.  We make sure all amenities are functioning.  We do ongoing maintenance.  And we're right onsite to deal with any situations that might crop up.  That way little problems don't become big, expensive nightmares. 
  •  Routine Inspections - With regular departure and maintenance inspections, your property will always be at its best. We use comprehensive checklists to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

  •  Maintenance and Repairs - Is a light bulb out? Does an air conditioner filter need replacing? Is a drain clogged? Our on-site maintenance crew will keep your property in top condition. Most repairs are included in your regular rental fees. We won't nickel and dime you for maintenance issues.

For complex or specialty projects, Rio Isla Rental Management contracts with trusted trades people who are fully licensed and insured.  Most have worked with us for a long time and understand the high standards and low prices we expect, savings that we pass on to you. 
All proposed work must first be approved by you.  Upon completion, we inspect the work to ensure quality.  You'll be given copies of all invoices paid on your behalf.
  •  Property Updates - We'll provide you with recommendations for updates as needed so that your home is always in marketable condition and likely to benefit from repeat business.

We have an interior decorator on staff who can provide design services at an affordable price.  We also have access to a wholesale supply house where we can purchase furnishings, electronics and appliances for you at extremely low prices. 
  • Availability and Responsiveness - We are available 24/7 to provide the best level of service to our guests, potential renters and you, the homeowner. With systems in place, we're able to handle any situation that crops up. We take care of everything so you don't have to.

  • Guest Services - We provide full housekeeping services. Guests will find their vacation home immaculate and ready for occupancy: all beds made, fresh towels in the bathrooms, and a full complement of kitchen and bath amenities. We'll also make sure the home is supplied with basic necessities like soap, detergent, paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper and more.

In addition, we offer numerous rental items to our guests including beach chairs, umbrellas, cribs, high chairs and roll-away beds.  
  • ü Communication - We will keep you apprised of all pertinent matters regarding your property. You'll receive monthly reports but you'll also be able to access information online at any time including rent statements, account status and maintenance records.

At the end of each financial year we will provide you with a detailed Income and Expenditure Report for your property, saving you hundreds of dollars in accounting fees.
  •  Affordable Fees - We offer three different payment structures based on level of services. You tell us what you need, and we match you to the plan that's right for you. Our rates are reasonable and in large part based on performance in booking rentals.

Our Approach

  • Understand your goals and objectives
  • Determine best path to ultimate goals
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Treat you as valued clients
  • Review property on regular basis and provide recommendations
  • Provide hands-on property management
  • Monitor rentals and create strategies to maximize revenue

What We Do for You

  • Become business advisors
  • Offer strategies to generate maximum return on investment
  • Attain higher occupancy rates
  • Review performance on weekly basis
  • Create a WOW factor
  • Generate referrals to create long-term success
  • Assist you to purchase additional rental properties if desired
  If you're ready to make a higher annual return on your South Padre Island investment property and give up the hassles of ownership, contact us today!