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How to get to South Padre Island

South Padre Island is easily accessible by air, road or boat. You can fly into one of the three airports or take a scenic drive along the gulf coast.

Flights to South Padre Island

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Car Rental

CompanyPhoneLocationWeb Site
AdvantageHarlingen(956) 421-5878Off AirportAdvantage
Special Offers
Brownsville(956) 982-1618In - Terminal
McAllen956-631-7900Off Airport
AVISHarlingen956-430-8690Off AirportAvis
Special Offers
Brownsville956-541-9271In – Terminal
McAllen956-687-9597In – Terminal
BudgetHarlingen956-430-8616In – TerminalBudget
Special Offers
Brownsville        (956) 546-5119In – Terminal
McAllen956-686-5394Off Airport
DollarHarlingen(866) 434-2226In – TerminalDollar
Special Offers
Brownsville(956) 982-2027In – Terminal
McAllen(866) 434-2226In – Terminal
EnterpriseHarlingen(956) 430-8643In -TerminalEnterprise
Brownsville(956) 574-9612In -Terminal
McAllen(956) 686-9089 In -Terminal
Hertz Harlingen956-430-8620In – TerminalHertz
Special Offers
Brownsville         (956) 542-7466In – Terminal
McAllen956-664-2660In – Terminal

By Land

South Padre Island is accessible from Highway 77 via Highway 100.
 From Austin 340 miles
 From Dallas 531 miles
 From Houston 367 miles
 From San Antonio 285 miles
 From El Paso 815 miles
 From Mexico City 666 miles
 From Monterrey 225 miles
 From Tampico 336 miles