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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why do I need a rental management company?

  Owning rental property comes with numerous responsibilities - finding renters, providing guest services, housekeeping, maintenance and more.  Sure, you're capable of handling all these tasks yourself, but is that how you really want to spend your time? 
If you're tired of the hassles of real estate ownership or dissatisfied with your current South Padre Island rental management company, then it's time for a change. 
South Padre Condo Rentals can help you make more money and have more time to do what you love. 

How will you find renters for my property?

  We have a comprehensive, multi-media marketing program that includes both online and print advertising.  We have a popular website,, on which we will feature your property.  We also use brochures, ads, postcards and mailers. 
In addition, we maintain a large database of people who have visited the South Padre Island area, and we do e-mail blasts on a regular basis.  Finally, we have various strategies in place to encourage repeat business from guests who've rented from us in the past.

What are some of the strategies you use to encourage repeat business?

  Our repeat business strategies are key to our success.  In addition to making sure that our properties are cleaner and have better amenities than our competitions', we offer our guests a discount on rebooking at time of departure.  You'd be surprised how many people take advantage of this special offer.
Also, anyone who stays with us is immediately added to our database.  We stay in touch with them throughout the year, keeping them apprised of news and events in the South Padre Island area.  Plus, we send them numerous promotions to encourage them to book their next vacation.  These tactics, as well as a few other tricks we have up our sleeve, are extremely effective.

How do your occupancy rates compare with other rental management companies in the South Padre Island area?

  Very favorably.  Most rental management companies on South Padre Island average a 40% occupancy rate.  The properties managed by South Padre Condo Rentals average 70% occupancy. 
The difference is significant when you look at the actual dollar amounts.  Very simply, our property owners have a higher rate of return that those of any other rental management company in the area.

How will you determine what the rent for my home should be?

  We will continually assess the value of your property based on its general condition, the local market, competitor rents and vacancy factors.  We adjust the rates and run promotions as needed to ensure maximum occupancy, just like the big hotels do.  Our goal is keep your property booked, while making sure we don't leave any money on the table.

How will I know when my unit is rented?

At South Padre Condo Rentals, we believe in total transparency.  All activity related to your rental property is posted on our website on your private page.  You'll be able to look online at any time and see the status of your unit.

When do you mail owner’s checks and statements?

    We will mail you a statement and corresponding check each month that your unit has been rented.  If you'd prefer that we transfer the money directly to your bank account, we can easily set up that arrangement.

Do you do housekeeping?

  Your home is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before new guests arrive.  Fresh linens and towels are provided, and we stock the home with all consumables like paper towels, toilet paper, etc.  

What other guest services do you provide?

  Our staff gives a warm and friendly greeting upon arrival and personally takes your guests to their vacation home.  They provide a quick tour and make sure that your guests are satisfied with the accommodations.  Thirty minutes later, the same staff person calls your guests to see if there's anything else they need.
During their stay, we have a concierge onsite to assist them in making any plans, from booking tee times at the local golf course to arranging a fishing excursion.  Also, we make them aware that we're available and accessible 24/7 should any problem arise. 

How often do you inspect the rental home?

After each guest leaves, we conduct a departure inspection to make sure all is as it should be.  We also do scheduled maintenance inspections.  We use comprehensive checklists to ensure that no detail is overlooked. 

How are maintenance problems handled?

  We do ongoing maintenance so little things like sticky locks and drippy faucets are taken care of quickly before they irritate guests and before they turn into big problems.  Most maintenance is included in your regular service fee, and you won't be billed extra for it. 
Should a major problem arise that requires hiring a trades person or contractor, we will get your approval before proceeding.  We inspect all work done by persons other than ourselves, and we make sure to give you copies of all invoices paid on your behalf.

Do you charge for minor repairs like changing a light bulb or air conditioning filters?

  No.  We consider those types of repairs to be part of routine maintenance and property upkeep.  They're our responsibility, and we don't charge you extra.
Many South Padre Island rental companies do charge fees for every little repair and maintenance item.  And those charges can really add up.  South Padre Condo Rentals is NOT that kind of company.  We don't nickel and dime you.  That's just not our style.

Do you ever suggest updates for the property?

  We'll provide you with recommendations for updates as needed so that your home is always in marketable condition and likely to benefit from repeat business.  We have an interior decorator on staff who can assist with design issues at an affordable price.  We also have access to a wholesale supply house where we can purchase furnishings, electronics and appliances for you at extremely low prices. 

What if I only want my home rented during select weeks or months of the year? The rest of the time I want to use the home myself.

  No problem.  There's no minimum amount of time that you must place your home in the rental program.  You have complete control.  We'll just help you achieve your objective, whatever it might be.

Do you handle all types of properties and all levels of quality?

  We only manage vacation homes in the South Padre Island area.  That's our specialty.  Most of our properties are condos on or near the beach. 
Also, we are selective in the properties we inventory.  Not every property is suitable for South Padre Condo Rentals.  We have a detailed quality checklist that all our properties meet.  We are known for offering well-maintained, fully amenitized homes.  We won't take on a property unless we're confident it will be satisfactory to our guests.

Who are most of your property owners?

  They're people who purchased property here on South Padre Island either to enjoy the area themselves or as an investment, just like you.  Most are not local to the area which makes managing their property long distance is a challenge. 

What happens if a guest causes damage or steals something from my property?

  We inspect the home immediately after the guest leaves.  Should anything be found amiss, we contact the guest and explain the situation.  The guest's credit card, which we have on file, is then charged to cover any repair and replacement costs.  We also note in the guest's file that we cannot rent to him again.

What do you do if you learn that guests are not taking care of my property as they should or they have unauthorized pets?

Our onsite manager will politely speak with the guests and give them an opportunity to correct the situation.  If a problem persists, we will make a decision based on that specific situation.  At all times we are courteous to the guests while taking all necessary measures to protect your property.

How often will I get statements and updates from you regarding my property?

  We will keep you apprised of all pertinent matters regarding your property.  You'll receive monthly reports but you'll also be able to access information online at any time including rent statements, account status and maintenance records.  Total transparency is how we operate.
At the end of each financial year we will provide you with a detailed Income and Expenditure Report for your property, saving you hundreds of dollars in accounting fees.

What are your business hours?

  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m...  However, we are available and accessible to our guests and owners 24/7.  We're always just a phone call away.
In addition, all rental inquiries are responded to almost immediately, regardless of whether it's during business hours, nights or weekends.  We like to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak.

What geographical areas do you service?

  We are local to the South Padre Island area, and it is the only area we service.  That enables us to provide immediate and focused service to our guests and property owners.

How much does South Padre Condo Rentals service cost?

  We have three different plans, depending on the level of services you need.  The fees range from 23% to 30% of the rental revenue, and in this way, are performance based. 

Are there any hidden fees?

  No.  We believe in total transparency.  Most items are covered in the regular rental management fees.  Unlike many rental management companies, we won't nickel and dime you on maintenance. 
We will contact you for approval before making major expenditures if, for example, a costly repair needs to be done or a furniture item or electronic needs to be replaced.  Again, there are no hidden fees.   

I have multiple rental properties in South Padre Island. Is there any discount if I have you manage the rentals for all of them?

  We handle each situation individually.  Let's discuss what you have and we'll come up with a suitable arrangement that meets your objectives.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

  Yes, we do ask you to sign a one-year contract.  We will invest substantial time and money into marketing your property, and we need to be confident that you will be our client for at least one year so that you can realize the benefits of those promotions. 

What if I decide I want to switch rental management companies or handle rentals myself?

  Of course, we'd hate to see you go, but it's no problem.  Simply let us know with 90 days notice and we'll assist with the transition. 

What if I decide to sell the property?

  We would ask you to give us as much advance notice as possible.  And we'd like to be kept informed of the property's sale status.   We wouldn't want a guest's vacation plans to be disrupted in any way.

Is the cost of property management tax deductible?

  Yes, the cost of management services are tax deductible, just like your mortgage interest, property taxes and the cost of repairs.

If I want you to manage my property, what’s the next step?

  Let's talk about your objectives and the services you need.  Then, we'll want to do an inspection of your property to make sure it meets our criteria for quality and to also familiarize ourselves with it for marketing purposes. 
We have simple paperwork designed to clarify expectations.  After that's signed, then take a deep breath and smile, as you no longer have to deal with the hassles and time-consuming responsibilities of property ownership. 
We can begin promoting and managing your property almost immediately.  Contact us today!